Hi, I'm Jeff.

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    My profession is also my hobby.

    I’m a front-end developer, fluent in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have full stack aspiration and I'm full of curiosity. I consider myself lucky because I love what I do.

    Things that keep me up late

    JavaScript — writing it and the pursuit to lean more. Fancy CSS transformations and animations, Sketching with a mechanical pencil or an Arduino. Figuring out new tricks in Sass and PostCss. Writing components with React for the client and the server. ES6 (modules, destructuring, and fat arrows. Yay!). Reading — books and graphic novels. The possibility of other dimensions. A problem worth solving. And working towards the moment when I've finally figured it out.

    Things that get me out of bed in the morning

    Meditation, cold showers, coffee, my unrelenting cats, and a problem worth solving.